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About Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital

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Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital was established by Dr. Larry Linnetz in 1976. His son, Veterinary Internist Eric Linnetz, DVM, DACVIM, sees ultrasound cases here weekly. Our hospital is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association, which helps us maintain optimum service to our clients and their pets through continuing education, modern technology, cleanliness, and compassionate communication.

Our Bristol veterinarians and staff are committed to providing comfort, understanding, and concern for each pet’s individual needs. Lead veterinarian Emily Elliot, VMD and full-time veterinarians Cara Sweet, DVM, Kristen Fratamico, DVM, and Amanda DeJesus, DVM value the trust our clients place in us. We are excited to practice cutting-edge medicine by participating in FDA-approved clinical trials to introduce medications that have passed safety and efficacy tests into medical practice. Our doctors and staff will treat you and your beloved pets as part of the family!

Years ago, when Dr Larry Linnetz built Chippens Hill Veterinary, it was called “Hospital” because it is zoned for housing animals overnight. This was the standard of care at the time. In our current capacity, we are a primary care facility that is still zoned to keep animals overnight, but we tell you that we are not staffed to monitor sick patients. Now that 24-hour care is the norm, when we advise you that the interests of your pet are met at a 24-hour facility, please appreciate our guidance and follow our referral. Those specialty hospitals send us reports daily about your animal’s diagnostic findings and supportive care; they let us know the recommendations for follow-up management back at the referral hospital or at Chippens Hill, so that we can schedule appropriate next steps when needed.

As Primary Care providers, we send reminders for preventive medicine months in advance. Please contact us as soon as you receive those because the next available appointments for adult animals can be weeks into the future. When we offer to forward book your next visit, we are customizing your pet’s care to maintain a valid veterinary-client-patient-relationship, VCPR. A valid VCPR requires that we examine your pet once a year. Please maintain that relationship, so that we can give you medical advice. We enjoy collaborating with you to keep your pets well, and we appreciate your kindness in communicating with us!

Why Our Friends Keep Coming Back!

  • Taking Care of All Your Pets

    Whether you have a feathered friend, fur baby, or one with scales, at Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital we are proud to offer the highest quality of care.

  • Cutting Edge Medicine

    Our veterinarians provide cutting edge medicine by participating in FDA approved clinical trials and introducing medications that have passed safety and efficacy tests

  • Quality Care and Convenience

    We take pride in providing a wide range of services that include dentistry, ultrasound, in-patient care and more. We also offer wellness plans and financing options.  

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  • “I have been going to vets for 50 years, and Dr. Elliot surpassed all of them. She is courteous, friendly and connects to the animal to calm them and me by not rushing and explaining what is or is not at the visit.”

    - Roselyn G.
  • “I absolutely love this Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital the staff are so kind and understanding and the vets are very knowledgeable and extremely compassionate.”

    - Lisa L.
  • “Personal service, professional vets, and a great proficient staff of friendly animal-lovers”

    - Faye S.