When the joints between vertebrae move appropriately, the nerves from the spinal cord get nourished by the gentle stimulation of that movement. When the soft tissue around those joints tightens up, the motion diminishes and the nerves lose optimal ability to innervate muscles and organs.

With appropriate chiropractic manipulation, the motion in the joint is restored by releasing the soft tissue, the nerves are nourished, and muscles and organs regain full function. Animals with competitive sports activities like canine agility often experience spinal fixations while running a course. Older dogs and cats with chronic degenerative joint disease also experience fixations because they try to compensate for sore limbs. Whether for sports medicine or geriatric maintenance, chiropractic can help many animals stay comfortable and move optimally. Some animals need occasional treatments and others need a regular program. The treatment itself takes just a few minutes.

Please schedule a consultation to discuss chiropractic care for your dog or cat.

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