Class IV Laser

At Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to preventing and controlling pain with a multi-modal approach. Thermal modification using Class IV Laser therapy employs drug-free, non-invasive therapeutic light waves that penetrate hair and skin deep to the cellular level. There, in the deep tissue, increased circulation and decreased inflammation control pain and promote healing. Laser therapy can speed wound healing and increase mobility. Acute injuries and chronic pain can be relieved to improve your pet’s quality of life. Depending on the condition of your pet, one or two treatments may heal an acute injury, or a series of treatments that maintain comfort in the face of a chronic condition. We use one time laser therapy after surgeries to promote healing of the incision and to decrease pain. For acute soft tissue injuries and chronic musculoskeletal diseases, we use a series of laser treatments to promote healing and manage pain.

Laser Therapy for pets Bristol CT