Yes, this ancient Chinese medicine can help animals! Acupuncture needles are very thin – almost as fine as hair. There is nothing in them or on them, but when they stimulate the nerve in the acupuncture point, the body’s own biochemicals are released to promote healing and control pain.

At Chippens Hill, the needles are usually left in position for ten minutes while the technician gently supports your pet. Most animals get very calm and relaxed for their treatments and sometimes even fall asleep! Acupuncture can be used short-term in transient illness to control vomiting or to relieve pain of acute trauma or dental surgery. Most commonly, here, we use it to decrease the frequency of seizures and for the chronic pain of arthritis and intervertebral disc disease. When managing chronic conditions, we start with a treatment a week for a month, gradually increasing the interval between treatments to maintain your pet’s comfort and mobility. Acupuncture can be used in addition to medications and often makes it possible to decrease the dose of long-term pain or seizure medications.

Please call to schedule a consult regarding acupuncture for your dog or cat or schedule online here.

Acupuncture for Animals Connecticut