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If you have not registered as a client, please fill out the New Client Registration Form. If you are a new client with additional pets, please fill out a new patient form on this page for each fur baby -- see below for exotic pets. If you are an existing client with a new pet, please fill out this form only. Please note: the telemedicine case to review information happens first. After the review, we schedule a time for you to bring your animal to Chippens Hill.

Dogs and Cats: To customize your pet's care, Dr. Elliot needs to review your dog's or cat's vaccination history and answer any pre-visit questions through our telemedicine app for your smart phone. We charge a fee of $30 to register each additional pet which will be collected through Airvet using GooglePay, ApplePay, or your credit card. Please fill in the form below and hit "send information." We will then email you an invitation to accept a case on the AirVet App, which will stay open 72 hours for you upload photos of current vaccination history. We will contact you in 72 hours or less to schedule your fur baby for an exam at Chippens Hill. If your pet is a puppy, we will plan four appointments four weeks apart to get your fur baby off on the right paw! If you need help with the AirVet app, please text the office at (860) 506-3699.

If you are an existing client without a smart phone, the Customer Service Representatives will help you as usual. Thank you!

Small Mammals and Reptiles: To customize your exotic pet's care, Dr. Sweet needs to review your pet's husbandry.

  • We are currently accepting new Small Mammal and Reptile patients for Wellness care only. Due to extended scheduling we are unable to provide urgent care to unestablished patients, and refer those in need to the emergency services of Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine 203-865-0878 or Bolton Veterinary Hospital 860-646-6134
  • Exotic and small mammal care is highly specialized. A large part of their veterinary wellness care is in reviewing and optimizing what you provide for them at home (called “husbandry”, i.e. environment, diet, exercise, etc.) In order to devote the necessary time to this evaluation and education on proper husbandry, we will be dividing your pet’s first appointment into two parts.
  • We will begin with a consult via our telemedicine app for your smart phone, called Airvet. In this consult you will be asked to send pictures of your pet and their enclosure, diet, and any equipment used for their care, as well as answer a brief questionnaire. The case is open for 3 days, and we can then review any recommended modifications and review your questions via chat messaging in the app. The consultation fee is $141 for small mammals and $157 for reptiles, and you will be invoiced directly via the app once you have accepted the invitation to the case and before the consultation begins. During the consultation, we will then schedule a complimentary* in-person appointment to allow for a hands-on physical exam to complete your pet’s evaluation. Use of the telemedicine app allows us to streamline your visit, and address your pet’s wellness care in as timely a manner as possible in the current climate of high demand for pet care.
  • To register and request a consultation, please fill in the form below and hit “Send Information.” We will then email you an invitation to download the Airvet app and accept the case. The case will begin on the nearest Monday or Tuesday available, and be open for 72 hours. If you have more than one exotic pet that you would like to establish as a patient, please fill out the form again for each pet.
  • *Any diagnostic tests performed or medications dispensed at this visit will incur fees, if applicable. There will be no separate charge for this exam as scheduled. If you miss your appointment or do not provide 24 hour notice of the need to reschedule, then the complimentary exam will be forfeit. Regular examination fees will apply to future appointments, which must be pre-paid, and the required 24 hour notice of changes still applies.
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  • Taking Care of All Your Pets

    Whether you have a feathered friend, fur baby, or one with scales, at Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital we are proud to offer the highest quality of care.

  • Quality Care and Convenience

    We take pride in providing a wide range of services that include dentistry, ultrasound, in-patient care and more. We also offer wellness plans and financing options.  

  • Cutting Edge Medicine

    Our veterinarians provide cutting edge medicine by participating in FDA approved clinical trials and introducing medications that have passed safety and efficacy tests

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  • “I have been going to vets for 50 years, and Dr. Elliot surpassed all of them. She is courteous, friendly and connects to the animal to calm them and me by not rushing and explaining what is or is not at the visit.”

    - Roselyn G.
  • “I absolutely love this Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital the staff are so kind and understanding and the vets are very knowledgeable and extremely compassionate.”

    - Lisa L.
  • “Personal service, professional vets, and a great proficient staff of friendly animal-lovers”

    - Faye S.