Preventive Care

Everyone at Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital understands the powerful bond between humans and animals!

The physical examination that the veterinarians at Chippens Hill perform on your pet provides the most important basis of care. We are here to help you when your beloved animal is sick or injured, but our utmost goal is to help you prevent disease and maintain health in your pet – no matter what species!

Based on that physical, whether your animal is sick or well, we recommend blood tests to evaluate organ function, protein levels, electrolytes, blood cell counts, thyroid levels, urinalysis, heart worm infection, tick borne diseases and feline infectious diseases. We can pick up on problems that need to be evaluated with radiology, ultrasound, or referral for advanced imaging, hopefully catching disease in the early stages, for a cure or effective management. From that exam, we may also recommend diet changes and nutritional supplements to help the skin, heart, nervous system, liver and joints.

Annual or semi-annual screening for parasites and insect-borne diseases allows for timely treatment if needed and better yet, prompts safe and effective measures to prevent those infections.

We guide you toward helpful training and fun activities for your pet to exercise both body and mind!

Our goal is to help you feel happy because your pet feels healthy!