What Makes Ozzie Tick

I’m Ozzie.  I like to stroll in lazily from outside, beckoning Cheryl with a long croak to fill my food bowl before I arrive at her station. I hop up in front of her computer and completely block her view of her work. I purr softly while slowly blinking contently at her.

black and white cat sitting on deskAfter my breakfast, Cheryl brushes through my fur while taking phone calls (I can pretty much take all the credit for her multitasking abilities). She sighs to herself as she pulls one tick from my neck and another from my back. Why are these freeloading pests not hibernating for the winter? I don’t particularly enjoy this part. I stare across the room at Kay flicking my tail. I can’t exactly explain how I know, but somehow this is her fault. I’m planning how I will exact my revenge on her later, just for being in my vicinity while experiencing this invasive grooming.

The unseasonably warm winter weather is great for my outdoor endeavors. However, it has also invited a life sucking parasite that is usually dormant during low temperatures. Cheryl finishes brushing me and disappears into the back for a breakaway tick/flea repellant collar to combat the disease spreading arachnids.

I pounce from the counter to the filing cabinet and finally to my basket, one size too small. I nap until Kay walks by to put files away, then I swipe her with my paw to remind her not to get too chummy. She always manages to dodge my swatting and sneak in a quick pat.

I want all my animal friends to remind their parents that ticks don’t always hibernate in the winter. Keep an eye out for those pesky hitchhikers! Please have your parents buy some Nexgard or Bravecto at Chippens Hill Vet to kill these little pests!!