Don’t Skip Dog Walking

How many of us walk our dogs daily? Dog walking is important for your dog’s physical and mental health but it could also be beneficial to your health as well. Some owners have even started to walk their indoor cats! Take time to consider the benefits of dog walking before skipping this activity before or after a stressful work day.

woman running with dogIt is important to remember that your dog spends a lot of time indoors and outside activity can do a lot to improve their quality of life and offer enrichment. The cardio will keep waists trim and hearts healthy; with this exercise you will see a decreased risk of diabetes and heart disease for your pet. Walking also offers mental stimulation for your pet so that he or she does not resort to destructive behavior when you are at work. Pet walking can decrease accidents and boredom. Most of all it strengthens the bond between owner and dog.

Cat people refuse to be left out of this bonding activity and are starting a new trend. That’s right cat owners are hitting the streets with their harnessed feline counterparts on leashes. This is a fantastic development as it allows the cat to experience the outside world without endangering themselves or local birds and rodents. If you are a cat person there is no need for you to miss out on all the fun, with some patience they too can learn to perk up at the word “walk.”

Exercise is the key to keeping pets happy and healthy, it will benefit you in the same ways. The walker will experience lower health risks when they make walking their dog a daily activity. Daily dog (or cat) walkers will see: a 75 percent reduced risk of breast cancer, a 49 percent decreased risk of heart disease as well as a 35 percent reduced risk of diabetes. Multiple studies have shown that daily exercise can help ease anxiety and depression. Since this activity benefits both parties greatly it is suggested that walking become part of your daily routine.

Walking benefits the walkee and the walker though the activity is not limited to dogs. So grab your leash and get moving!